Effectiveness of Lucia Nº03

A recent study conducted by the University of Sussex (UK) confirmed that dissociativestates of consciousness can be triggered reliably and confidently with Lucia Nº03. For the first time a neurostimulator is available that can open up the healing potential of such states of consciousness without having to resort to damaging or banned substances.

Regardless of this scientific evidence, the effectiveness of the hypnagogic light experience with Lucia Nº03 has already become a worldwide breakthrough, and recognized worldwide.

Recently, there have been products on the market that are taking advantage of the unique technology of Lucia Nº03. As developers of Lucia Nº03 we distinguish ourselves in relation to competitors from:

1) Only Lucia Nº03 uses the combination of constant- and flickering light. The technology is protected by international patents. This combination opens up a unique light experience.

2) The effectiveness of Lucia Nº03 is based on light sequences (“sessions”), which can be exclusively generated with the Lucia Nº03 technology. The sessions have been compiled according to specific criteria of interdisciplinary near-death experience research.

3) The hypnagogic light experience itself is highly individual. To predict an effect in terms of a chain of causality, we consider dubious.

Therefore all potential benefits and claims of effectiveness listed on this website are based on prior research stemming from other scientific domains and are correlational not causality.