Experiencing LUCIA N°03 @ THe SKY STUDIO


Enjoy a glass of berry-infused or cucumber water while you answer a few questions and prepare for your session; between the natural beauty and the care and attention to details, the space easily transports you to a serene and tranquil place.

Your Session

  • We start with a series of demos to determine your comfort zone.

  • We select a personalized Light program and customized music.

  • Then it is your turn to let go, close your eyes, and look within.

  • Incorporate the warmth and relaxation of the Biomat to your session.

  • The journey ends with a misting of essential oil sprays as well as selected Gabriel’s Light essential oils.

Post Session

  • Enjoy a cup of tea, share your experience and reorient yourself back into your day. You will take the countless benefits of  Lucia Nº03 with you for many days and weeks to come.