The Lucia N°03 Meditation Lamp originated in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps and is mindfully crafted in small-batch series in a factory in Kufstein, Austria.

The Lucia N°03 System

The Lucia N°03 is a computer-controlled lamp system used to induce Hypnagogic Light Experiences. Lucia's patented process combines a stroboscope (flickering light) featuring variable speed and intensity with a constant light operating in different brightness levels. The Lucid Light experience does not replace therapy and offers no alternative to it.

A Lucia N°03 package purchase

  • A retractable lamp-head with 8 cold light sources and 1 hot light source
  • An adjustable lamp-stand made of stainless steel
  • Power supply with international power plug adapters
  • A Lucia N°03 laptop with an optimized operating system; laptop bag included
  • Wireless control via Bluetooth; USB port and cable
  • Lucia N°03 configured software
  • Lucia N°03 USB stick
  • Spare halogen lamp
  • Shockproof packaging
  • User manual
  • Includes a 1 year limited warranty
  • Light Attendant Training, which contains theoretical and hands-on experience

Lucia Academy

Every Light Attendant has access to Lucia Academy, where light owners can exchange ideas and experiences, promoting a more in-depth knowledge. This practice bolsters ‘know how’, supports research projects, and aids in developing new fields of application.

Software Upgrades

Available online as part of Lucia Academy.


Training will be provided when your Lucia N°03 is delivered.  We provide one full day of training which includes an in-depth manual to understand Lucia and how to administer Light journeys.

Training takes place in our Vancouver studio, where you will have the opportunity of an established studio business, giving you hands-on training working with our clients. On-site training could be available at your location, and we will be happy to discuss this option with you.


  • You will be a part of the Lucia Family and Lucia Academy.
  • Lucia World Congress is set in Austria, where light owners from around the world come together. Here you will have an opportunity to participate in workshops presented by Drs Winkler, and Proeckl, where they will share the latest developments, studies, and successes of their ever evolving practices with the Lucia Nº03. We expect the next congress to be in the fall of 2019.

  • ALWAYS available to assist in any way by telephone or Skype.


€18,000 Per  Lucia N°03 System
Duty, Taxes and Shipping are Not Included


Financing is available please call us direct at: Robin Peterson, Sales Manager at 604.724.8637 or Tina Averback at 604.726.0898 for more information.

Please be aware there can be a waiting list to purchase a Lucia N°03 System. The effects of the Lucia can be profound and care should be taken when using. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to some buyers. Lucia N°03 is an internationally registered patented system.