Mystical Experiences

Mystical experiences can be deeply transforming and powerful tools for spiritual evolution. Traditionally restricted to religious-based epiphanies and available to a small few, in our era of mass awakening, they are available to most and used by many.

Mystical experience can facilitate novel perspectives, new awareness, ego dissolution, and makes us aware of how stuck we are in our reactive patterns and comfort zones. During mystical experiences, the reaches of our sensory system, see more vivid colors and have an expanded field of view. The spectacle of closed-eye visions and the experience of synesthesia go above what we could assume we’re capable of perceiving; their power can at times make us feel as if we were receiving messages from a grand, powerful source. Those who frequent the Sky Studio speak of these experiences.

Mystical experiences push us past the limits of what we can fathom as humans and past our fears. The most profound changes happen when we choose to leave fear behind and surrender to the powers that hold and guide us in the mystical experience. At the Sky Studio you only have to surrender to the power of the light.

Mystical experiences are defined by nine key factors.

  • Conscious Unity

  • No Time or Space

  • Objective Reality

  • Gratitude

  • Life Is Seen As Sacred

  • You Understand Paradox

  • The Experience Is Indescribable

  • The Experience Is Temporary

  • The Experience Is Life-Changing

Altered States of Consciousness

Research has demonstrated that the the Lucia N°03 offers states of conscisouness parallel to that of psychedelic substances. The only difference being that under the Lucia N°03 you still an element of agency to end the experience at anytime. You can do deeply into the unconscious mind without the fear of getting trapped in something uncomfortable.

Creativity Enhancement

Altered states of consciousness expand our awareness, dissolve the ego, and re-frame our reality. All of which contributes to a more open mind that is available and accessible to idea creation. If you want to read more about the relationship between the Lucia and creativity click here to read an article from Vice titled Lucia No. 3 Is A Mind-Melting, Psychedelic Art Experience.

Increased Self Awareness

The Lucia N°03 expands your horizons of what is possible and allows you the opportunity to enter deeper realities of self and other.