Sky Studio comes to Victoria

Join us in a meditative experience deepened through the Lucia No.3 from the Sky Studio on May 31st at the Medicine Nest.

During our ninety minutes together we will begin with brief sample of the Lucia No.3 before diving into a guided meditation followed by forty minutes of meditative surrender under the Lucia No.3. You will come back to this world feeling renewed and reconnected through a body-centered guided meditation led by Ailey Jolie.


Visit DermNurse Skin Care services in Calgary, Alberta. For a one day annual customer appreciation event where the light will be available for you to try out.

Sky Studio returns to Montreal

Proud to invite you to Travel Light with Lucia Nº03 at the W Hotel. Come experience the light within you: November 14th, 15th and 16th, 2017! Sky Studio will be available for you at the blissful venue of the Away Spa of the W Hotel, 901 Square Victoria, Montreal.

This FREE event will be one of the biggest exhibitions in the field of Metaphysics and spirituality.

This event has ended.


Join Sky Studio Lucia Nº03 at Spa Cloud for this Exclusive event showcasing the Lucia Nº03. Stop by for your express session on Nov 11th from 4pm-10pm. Step into the Light and experience the indescribable beauty and bliss of this magnificent Light!

This event has ended.

The Bright Side: Light Therapy for Dark Days at Moment Meditation

The winter months can feel isolating and you're not alone. We are bringing the Lucia Nº03  to Moment Meditation to help light up your life and bring us all together. Moment Meditation is a meditation members club devoted to supporting a mindful community in finding more calm, focus, and happiness. Join us at their sanctuary in the middle of Downtown Vancouver November 8th, 2017 at 6:30pm.

This event has ended.

Semperviva Beyond Asana

The Semperviva Beyond Asana workshop with Elana Epstein on September 17th with the Lucia No03. 

The workshop is the first of many to come, designed to guide you into connection with your innate and powerful capacity to speak to the soul as well as to the body. If you envision teaching or practicing from a place of deeper truth, or are longing to ignite sparks of the sacred in yourself, your classes, your work and your life then I invite you to join us for this unique workshop.

This event has ended.

Sky Studio Pop-up Event in Partnership with RYU

MAY 20 · Hosted by RYU APPAREL INC.

Saturday at 9 AM - 5 PM - 1745 West 4th, Vancouver, British Columbia

This event has ended.