For years there has been a researched link between meditation and athletic performance but limited time resources has stopped the benefits of meditation from being capitalized on by peak performers - until now. The Lucia N°03 offers deep meditative experiences that activate the pineal gland altering neurochemicals in the brain. This is in addition to providing central nervous system regulation and altering the ventral vagal nerve. This has been demonstrated through using an Electroencephalography (EEG).

Peak Performance

Research has validated that there is an impact on athletic performance when meditative practices are applied. There are studies of varying that populations demonstrate that meditation…

  • Enhances physical recovery (heart rate, breathing rate, plasma neuropeptide Y concentration)

  • Creates a more efficient deployment of neural processing and autonomic responses

  • A demonstration of the “elite performer” brain pattern on fMRI (lower activation in the region of the brain associated with emotional reactions)

  • Emotional regulation altering central nervous system activation

  • An increase in the right insula across all of its connections strengthening interception

  • Reduction in pain by participant rating pain 57% less unpleasant and 40% less intense, on average, after meditation training

  • Immune system strengthening lowering the severity of illness impact

  • Reduce their stress to create less anxiety, depression and somatic distress

As the Lucia N°03 offers a deep meditation practices these benefits can be actualized, faster, quicker and more efficiently then when compared to meditators without the Lucia N°03.


Another unspoken impact of meditation on athletes is sleep. Research has demonstrated that athletes who do not get enough sleep can experience negative effects such as…

  • Weight gain

  • Inability to maintain focus

  • Mood disturbances

  • Increased anxiety or depression

  • Decreased motor control.

Regular meditation helps athletes sleep better and evoke the relaxation response. The Lucia N°03 offers all this in addition to stimulating the pineal gland to alter the rate of melatonin. This enhances the benefits of the sleep cycle.

Injury Prevention

The Lucia N°03 also shows potential in injury prevention. This is because the insula has a role in pain management. Meditation increases the gray matter in the brain and gray matter is inversely related to pain. Therefore the usage of the Lucia N°03 has the potential for athletes to become more aware and attuned to pain in the body faster and therefore know how to alter movement to prevent long term injury. This is in addition to knowing how to shift focus. Through increased connectivity to the insular lobe of the brain one is able to have a more refined awareness of bodily sensations, muscle engagement, focused micro-movement abilityaite